Listing Inquiries and complaints directed to Central Zoos – in serial –awaiting Feedback handling Process

March 13, 2013

Have decided to document in serial all inquiries and complaints sent, after failing to track the many many complaints sent since years.

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 ref: 0001

date: 20 March, 2013
location: Banha - Egypt
sold in Banha, Egypt, in front of the stadium يباع امام استاد بنها - مصر

GIZA ZOO or nearest governmental zoos, would soon await confiscation and new comers...as the Giza Zoo and all the governmental zoos acts as rescue centers... but, would the trade stop?
http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/487628_10151483592635914_507015434_n.jpgBEING SOLD IN EGYPT FOR 4000le يباع فى مصر في مخال بيع ادوات الزينة ب 4000 جنية....... !!

ref: 0002
date 20 March, 2013
5 baboons
price: 800LE each
location : Ain Shams - Egypt 

+ 5 baboons sold in Ein Shams Street, besides El Naam square, terrified, placed in a cage in the street; address: اما بالنسبه للنسانيس .. فهما فى شارع عين شمس بجوار ميدان النعام امام بنزينه موبل
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Dina Albashear ref:0003 sayeda zienb - near metro station نسانيس وتعالب
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Dina Zulfikar Mohamed Ali Tag Elden
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Dina Albashear ref:0004 pet shop- giza - omrania gharbya -nearharam نسانيس وتماسيح
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Mohamed Ali Tag Elden تماسييييح؟؟؟؟؟؟
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Dina Albashear اه والله... طوله حوالى متر فى حوض ماء محاط بقفص حديدى
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Mohamed Ali Tag Elden كمان .... طوله متر ....... استغفر الله العظيم... ان لله و ان اليه راجعون
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Dina Albashear Mohamed Ali Tag Elden im serious i saw it my self for sale!!!!!
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Dina Zulfikar كده بقي يبقي محتاجين يفتحوا حديقة حيوان ثانية ... لن الحقيقة لو فعلا تم السيطرة و الرقابة ستصادر الاف الحيوانات ...حتروح فين المصادرات.... و سيظل المصدر يستورد و يبيع... و الكراثة تكبر و تكبر ... و حدائق الحيوان تملأ مصر.... ؟؟؟؟!!! ده كلام ده...!!
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Mohamed Ali Tag Elden طب الحل؟

follow up:  ref:  0001 reported 20 March 2013, today is 9 April 2013

حجم الاتجار الغير شرعي بالحياة البرية يأتي التالي للاتجار فى المخدرات فى العالم..... بلاغ للمسئولين فى مصر: كانوا 4 اخوات .. اتبقى واحد و بيتباع ب 3 الاف جنيه. فى ميدان النعام بعين شمس - تم الابلاغ منذ قرابة شهر للسلطات المنوطة و هنا علي هذه الصفحة...
Mohamed Ali Tag Elden فى ميدان النعام بعين شمس بتباع الواحد ب 3 الاف جنيه و دة اخر واحد موجود من اصل 4 كان بدأ يبيع الواحد ب 800 جنيه من 3 اسابيع و داؤتى وصل السعر 3 الاف جنيه


 Update - Nada Land - Luxor Zoo - Thursday 17 January 2013 - Glimpse of hope..... the pony case is dealt with - GREAT NEWS for one of the animals - thank you to the BROOKE HOSPITAL for responding to emergency call, thank you to Dr Nasser Hosny, Manager of Brooks Hospital in Cairo for contacting Brooke Luxor and doing what is necessary for the pony.....wooh wooh wooh wooh can't wait, BROOKE HOSPITAL - LUXOR team are there now, already done with the problem of the pony, hoof were not in good shape, were fixed and instructions were given to keeper now they may be able to have a look at the vervet monkey....can't wait, want to post and share everywhere, thank you each and everyone who helped in the case which still needs help, starting with ACE Egypt Luxor, Helen Bailey, Louise Phillips, IPPL Dr.Shirley McGreal

 Nada Land – Luxor Zoo - Follow up 16 Jan., 2013

Spoke to Dr. Loay El Sayed, Wildlife Manager of EEAA in the morning, told him about the complaints again about Nada Land.  He listened and asked me to get back to him end of the day.  As promised, spoke end of the day to Dr. Loay El Sayed, who stated that he talked to the owner of Nada Land and asked for clarification about the current conditions of animals in his licensed facility.  The owner – in the words of Dr. Loay was as transparent as possible – stated that many animals have been returned to the main supplier as per recommendations made by EEAA since the day they inspected the facility.  The European gazelle, one, is kept indoors because the weather is cold, the internal or night enclosure of the gazelle is big enough.  The owner has one baboon and two monkeys.  The owner was confronted that the monkey is not kept in the complying cage as was stated by EEAA, the owner promised to immediately move the monkey to the proper cage.  The owner has now few reptiles and are being kept single in appropriate containers.  The owner when confronted about the lack of food or water said why should he not provide nutrition or water, he does, losing an animal is a loss to his business.  About enrichment, Dr. Loay told the owner that cooperation with ACE Egypt and animal lovers is to be welcomed, the owned him before a lot.  As soon as this can be arranged, with ACE Egypt in Luxor - files about substrates would be delivered to the owner.  

Dr. Loay stated that Governor of Luxor is fully supporting the owner of the facility as this is the only zoo in Luxor

As this conversation took place through phone, I asked Dr. Loay for a meeting at his convenience, to write and submit complete report next Saturday at 4:00pm.

Dr. Loay knows that I am providing updates in public about this issue.

Today is 14 January 2013 - since May 2012, scroll down, see the report about Nada Land Zoo - Luxor - Egypt - reports sent through emails to authorities, and by phone, and by mobile, we targeted both:  EEAA and Wildlife Unit, and also sent emails off course to GOVS.   Nothing has been done, as per report by Animal People who followed Helen Bailey and another new recent report by Louise Phillips - animals are suffering, most are dead remaining very few.  Please scroll down and see the number of animals which were brought by the owner without license back in May 2012, and compare to the numbers currently alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Hello Dina, this is El Nada Land in Luxor. It looks like the conditions are terrible. This monkey kept alone in a small cage. Do you know this place? Can anything be done?
Robbie lives in a small cage in Luxor. She would love to have company, but has only the other animals around her and the visitors that arrive daily to take her photo.
Photo: Robbie lives in a small cage in Luxor. She would love to have company, but has only the other animals around her and the visitors that arrive daily to take her photo.
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 .  June 2012 - Monkey displayed in a night club, Cairo, Egypt

A monkey trapped in a cage for entertainment, at Cairo White Club.
Name: Cairo White Club
Club, Bar
Category : 
65 Mohy El Din Abou El Ezz St.
Area: Mohandiseen
City: Cairo , Egypt
Telephone: 01095339293
From: Dina Zulficar <dinazulficar@yahoo.com>
To: "govs@idsc.gov.eg" <govs@idsc.gov.eg>; Ossama Selim Dr <govs.egypt@gmail.com>; fatma tammam <fatma_tammam@yahoo.com>; "toma.lfegy@yahoo.com" <toma.lfegy@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:11 PM
Subject: Fw: الحيوانات البرية تعرض فى الملاهي الليلية - و الحانات - 

وصلني هذا التعليق علي الحائط الخاص بي المرتبط بنفس الصورة : read well received this comment on my wall re

فى شخص اسمة سعيد طلبة وهو من اشهر مهربين الحيوانات والطيور البرية الى دول الخليج, والغريب ان الشخص دة لة قدرة غريبة على اخراج الحيوانات دى والطيور عن طريق المطار بدون مسائلة واخص اشبال الاسود والصقور المهاجرة مقابل مبالغ خيالية.. والمؤسف انة احياننا بيقوم بقتل الحيوانات والطيور دى لتحنيطها وبيعها لاثرياء الخليج,يا ترى اية الاجراء المتبع لوقف المهزلة دى؟
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السلطات عارفة كويس زي ما احنا عارفين لكن فيه ناس فوق القانون!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Dina Zulficar <dinazulficar@yahoo.com>
To: "govs@idsc.gov.eg" <govs@idsc.gov.eg>; fatma tammam <fatma_tammam@yahoo.com>; "zoogiza@hotmail.com" <zoogiza@hotmail.com>; "toma.lfegy@yahoo.com" <toma.lfegy@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 11:17 AM
Subject: الحيوانات البرية تعرض فى الملاهي الليلية - و الحانات - 

Dear Military General and Doctor Osama Selim
Chairperson of General Organization of Veterinary Services
Dear Dr. Fatma Tamam
Under secretary of States, Wildlife Conservation, Head of Managerial Authority of CITES
Dear Dr. Ragi Thoma
Focal point CITES Egypt, and Wildlife General Manager

I received the complaint here under, with photo, evidence and address. I do hope and wish the Wildlife authorities of Egypt raise focus, attention, and campaign through brochures, website, facebook group,l about what is allowed and what is not allowed. Currently I believe all of Egyptian pet shops trade in wildlife, and seemingly rest houses, restaurants, and night clubs. Confiscating is the end result, but what about precaution measures?

Dina Zulfikar
القائمين علي الهيئة الادارية لاتفاقية سايتس (الاتفاقية الدولية لتنظيم الاتجار فى الحيوانات و النباتات المهدده بالانقراض... القائمين علي الحياه البرية + السلطات المسئولة.... هل ده كلام... ده مقبول... أين الرقابة... مش عايزين فى يوم نلاقي أشبال الأسود و القرده فى شوارع مصر.... من فضلكم لو سمحتم الرقابة - عنوان المكان الذي تم التقاط الصورة فيه ملهي ليلي

Name: Cairo White Club
Club, Bar
Category : 
65 Mohy El Din Abou El Ezz St.
Area: Mohandiseen
City: Cairo , Egypt
Telephone: 01095339293

 .  May 2012, Ein Sokhna, Porto Sokhna, Sinaii, Egypt

At Porto Sokhna, a coffee shop (AFRICANA) holds baboons and different monkeys in deplorable conditions no adequate care, or water even
May 2012

Reported by A.S to Dina by phone

 .  May 2012, Italian Circus, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Italian Circus - Nasr City - Cairo - operating all over Egypt
Italian Circus in Abas El Akad, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Received report through mobile (available for investigations) , Italian Circus operating in Egypt, currently is using lion cubs in photo sessions and handling, cubs are declawed and injured, one already lost it's eye, general conditions of animals is so bad, all in horrible conditions.
Report received by:  Dina Zulfikar
12 May 2012


ACE Egypt Luxor played very important role in improving the conditions of animals with approval of the owner of Nada Land
ACE EGYPT LUXOR SOCIETY, trained the keeper Abd El Hadi, (pictures by:  Helen Bailey)

 .  May 2012, Nada Land Zoo, Luxor, Egypt

We spent about 4 hrs at the 'Coffee shop' today, or as some prefer to call it, the zoo.
A meeting with the new Manager of the establishment was both disturbing and upsetting, as we were told that no-one knew what to do with the animlas and no one cared. That is what we had thought since day one, but here it was being verbally confirmed to us and it was the final straw.
We drove to Neverland and embarked upon a mission, once again, to visit each cage and discuss the individual animals requirements. The simple fact that they need fresh water everyday, food and a clean environment. (Rubbish, metal pipes and rods are not a neccessary part of that environment.)
Despite this, after hours of talking and working with the owner, the Manager and Luxor Veterinary Services, small changes were implemented that we had been fighting for, over the last 5 weeks.
Robbie, my monkey, has a dead tree to climb and sit on. He will also have a larger area to move in when the welder comes tomorrow, now under the shade of a tree and even a fan blowing over him. I went inside the cage with him today and he was just like a child. He jumped on my shoulders, sat and tickled behind my ears, looked for 'Things' in my hair, playfully used me as a springboard to get to the top of the cage, sat in my lap and gave me a cuddle, which brought tears to our eyes. He just wants company and has even started to chatter now, lying back against the cage , so you can tickle behind his ears, stroke his arms, hold his hand and just pet him. It is an amazing experience.
He wasn't so keen on one of the Veterinary Services Doctors and whacked him in the eye! He also goes mad when the man that 'Feeds' the animals goes near him, he goes into attack mode!
Another monkey escaped, fleeing next door to the theme park, I felt her freedom as she ran and jumped over the empty rides. She had an hour before we managed to catch her and return her to her male, who was frantic without her.
So we made headway today and tomorrow the Egyptian Environment and Affairs Agency from Aswan visit. We should know what is going to happen tomorrow. They do not have a licence and so they will possibly confiscate the animals and then what? They are sent to Giza Zoo in Cairo, where all confiscated animals go. This is not something we want, as they may well be better off where they are. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, we may have to try and rehome the animals, returning them to the supplier in Cairo is not an option either I have been told.
This is the view that Robbie and his friends see everyday, week in week out. People staring, poking sticks through the cage, hitting the cage trying to make them move, screaming and shouting and feeding them any rubbish they can find on the floor.
May 2012
Helen Bailey – Kim Taylor ACE LUXOR

 .  May 2012, Circus, Faten El Helw, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

Circus - Faten El Helw - Heliopolis
Again each day: for the attention of CITES Egypt, Widlife offices, Central Zoos ..EEAA, ALL, Giza Zoo - received this complaint yesterday: Yesterday i passed in front of the circus that belong to Faten El Helw in Heliopolis and they had two lion cubs in a cage on the pavement in front of the circus to attract people to the show. What can be done about it??
Report by: SZ
5 May 2012

 .  May 2012, International Park - Nasr City - Cairo Egypt

hello ms dina ...i love the way you care about animals so i would like to tell you that there are helpless animal in الحديقة الدولية 
they realy need help ... me and mum used to buy vegitables ... and feed them ..the guard says that they shortage in their food thanks alot  
p.s : there a photo of a goats leg ..look realy weird
Report by:  Sylvia Ponchai Jimphabul
15 May 2012
Complaints sent to emails of authorities:  GOVS, EEAA, CENTRAL ZOOS
CP Veterinary Services <govs.egypt@gmail.com>;Dr. Luay El Sayed <luay09@yahoo.com>;Dr. Ragi Thoma <toma.lfegy@yahoo.com>;Dr.Fatmaa <fatma_tammam@yahoo.com

 .  November 3rd, 2011 case:  Lion Cub and Cobra - Sharm El Sheikh

police report filed at the Central Environmental Police Unit in Cairo; confiscation took place immediately, :police report of Sharm El Sheikh is  not finished yet, cub and cobra are still held in Sharm El Sheikh EEAA until report is finished and then, animals are transferred to Cairo Giza Zoo, the offiicial recognized rescue center.

 .  March 24, case:  Lion Cub - Wadi El Natroun

police file:
755 Wadi El Natroun, 2009. Date 24, March 2009.

.  April 19, case:  Lion Cub in Alex - Balbaa Village

at 1:14pm:  record 46 ahwal Moharam Bek, 19/4/2009

  .  March 24, case:  Lion Cub - Wadi El Natroun


March 24, 2009
At 3:00pm Mona Khalil (ESMA) receives a call from Riham (tour leader and volunteer of AWAR group) stating that she has a group of tourists (Spanish), on their way to Alexandria they stopped at Omar's village, Cairo Alex Road for snacks, only to see a photographer 17 years holding a cub (lion), starving, dehydrating, completely sick condition, the photographer insists that people and children take photos with the cub for few dollars.. Riham's tourist group felt appalled and would not leave until a solution is found to this poor lion cub.
Riham called Mona Khalil, Mona Khalil called Dina Zulfikar. They discussed the matter and decided (line open) to make all necessary calls to save this cub.
Fist calling the environmental police, the major in charge (the one we know) was on a mission, and said he would deal with this matter next day.
In parallel another call was made to Dr. Ragi Thoma, Manager of CITES Egypt and Wildlife, Dr. Ragi said he had been following previous complaints (some by us already since months) and matter is completely in the hands of Environmental Police, concerned with confiscation.
In parallel, a call was made to tourist police (127), line is temporary out of order, (remained out of order until night, until now 10:30pm night line is temporary out of order).
In parallel a call was made to the owners of Omar's Oasis, we were informed again that the cub does not belong to Omar's Oasis, however, thankfully, we asked the wife of the owner to proceed talking to the manager in the Omar's Oasis and to warn him to take this photographer out.
We decided to go ahead and call police (122) general police number, we stated that we are unable to reach the tourist police, their number is not working, the operator inquired, we told him please deliver our message to the Minister of Interior, the tourist police hotline is not working, we have a complaint. The operator inquired further.. we told him all. In five minutes this happened:
Dina received a call from Mr. Mamdouh, manager of Omar's Oasis, pleading and begging to withdraw the complaint as he will lose his job, Dina told him, why worry if this cub does not belong to the place.. he kept begging,
On the other line same time, Dina received call from 122 police emergency stating that police unit of Beheira governorate (the nearest to the location) is seconds from the Omar's Oasis.
Again to the line opened with Mr. Mamdouh the manager of Omar's Oasis, Dina told Mamdouh that police is on the way
Mona Khalil on the third line (kept opened) told Dina that the Manager will let go the photographer , Mona said she will keep the manager on phone with her in order not to warn the photographer to leave.
The police unit of Beheira governorate arrives and arrests the photographer, 17 years old and the cub.
Both Mona and Dina call Dr. Ragi Thoma to inform him of the action taken. Dr. Ragi provides the contact of General Osama, Vice general director of Egypt
’s environmental Police.
Call made to General Osama, who acts promptly, arrange with Dr. Ragi to pick up the lion cub from Beheira Police station, arrangements made sending a vet from the zoo and a car. The cub hopefully would arrive to either Giza or Alex Zoo by tomorrow, to be treated and according to laws and convention confiscated animals are handed to the zoo.
All contacts of all parties are available.

Thank you to:
The Police of Egypt Emergency (122 hotline)
The Police Unit of Beheira Governorate
Miss. Rania the tour leader for taking initiative and positive action of reporting.
The Spanish tourists who decided to escalate the matters and take positive action
Mrs. Amar, the wife of the owner of Omar's Oasis for taking necessary action
Dr. Ragi Thoma CITES Egypt
Vice General Osama, Vice general director of Egypt’s environmental Police.
Wonderful coalition of ESMA and AWAR.


We are getting involved, first round clash started, we are following raising the matter with Ahram newspaper Al Masry, Ministry of Culture media center Mr. Ahmed Salah, Environmental Police vice President General Osama, Mr. Khaled Salah in charge of circus unit Ministry of Culture, proceedures are taken to take Helw family to court.

Inquiring about the lion cub today, we found that the vet and vehicle sent by CITES Egypt was unable to find the lion cub at the Wadi El Natroun police unit of Beheira governorate.
Further inquiring:
Wrong protocol was taken by the In charge manager of the Police Unit of Wadi El Natroun
The lion cub, and the boy, 18 years old were released, the cub was handed to Mamdouh El Helw, lion trainer and owner of the Circus of Agouza, National Circus.
Currently Environmental police, vice director General Osama is filing charges against the Helw family, according to CITES, and environmental police, the HELW family has no right is displaying cubs or animals, according to clause 28, article 4, for year 1994, they have no permission from the environmental authority or the CITES Egypt.
police file:
755 Wadi El Natroun, 2009. Date 24, March 2009.

Dina Zulfikar

Update 26 March 8:45pm

Received call from environmental police, cub delivered now to Giza Zoo.

The cub was delivered today to Giza Zoo at 8:45pm, in horrible condition. I was told from Envir. police that there was a misunderstanding the cub was delivered to the three boys now arrested and not HELW family.
When I inquired about the cub health condition in Giza Zoo, they said in horrible state, broken back, broken tail, teath, suffering, hemorage in head, they had to put the cub to sleep humanely.

I found out that Anouchka, a french woman who has a welfare org. in the zoo, at the same time.. how did she know, she said the brother of Hussein arrested told her.
Where does Hussein live?
In Shabramant, Ezba village coffeeshop..
How did you know this cub is the cub confiscated?
from the brother of Hussein, I knew about this cub and 5 others in Ezba village in Shabramant, Ezba coffeeshop.

Press Covering the case, campaign in newspapers



Today April 8, campaign continues in press:

Wafd newspaper publishes answer back to Dina's accusations which were published 2 days ago.  Answer back from:  Faten El Helw, Mohamed El Helw and Lupa El Helw


Al Mosawer magazine published pictures of lion cub confiscated on the 24th March, delivered to zoo on the 26th, struggling life.. in poor state.


Wafd newspaper reads:  (quick translation)



After Accusations filed by coordinator of Animal Welfare Group:

Faten El Helw:  Egypt's Reputation is not the property of any


After publishing the accusations by Dina Zulfikar, coordinator of AW group in Egypt, against Helw Family, accusing some of them of smuggling lions and wildlife, and accusing them of not having permits from Ministry of Environment to make the show of lions in circus.

Faten El Helw, Lion trainer in the circus answers the allegations of Dina about legality of renewing lease of circus to Helw Family, and Dina's words that the European circus is just a way out to find permits to Russians who are unoccupied, and the incident of a Sudanese woman injured by a lion while she was taking photographs with in the circus..

Faten stated:  All those allegations are lies, bad faith , no one has proof of, the circus land is owned by Cultural Section of theatre performance, and is not rented to Helw or other failies , in cases of running the circus in cooperation during July and August, this deal is made through a tender, which guarantees income and profit for the circus all year round.

About alleged accusation from the lady whom her name is mentioned above, I address her to make searches and be precise, the Russian circus is on top in the world in circus acts, and whoever comes to work in Egypt are the best, they are paid and insured, and they praise working in Egypt.  I wished Dina Zulfikar seeks the truth about the story of the Sudanese lady whom she said was injured by a lion, to find out that Faten El Helw has nothing to do with this, it seems that some are seeking publicity on the expenses of other people reputation after all now seem to find a way to link Egypt's reputation.




Captain Mohamed El Helw assured that alleged accusation of him taking the cub which was confiscated in Wadi El Natroun from Police Station is not true., and all she said to Wafd newpaper is alleged, because being handled a cub confiscated has to be done through police procedures and I challenge her to bring this police report which states I was handed the lion cub., Captain Helw also said all charges she made against Helw family of smuggling is not true., as already they posses many wildlife animals as official employee of the govs. As he was employed by Govs. As a trainer and he shared and performed his acts in various countries in the world., he said he is also registered in CITES and Wildlife sector, which the coordinator of AW alleged says that he has no permit, what she does not know is that any animal out of Egypt requires permit of CITES, and his animals are all recorded in files, the CITES papers are considered passport of animals Dr Ragi Thoma, Manager of Wildlife in Giza Zoo knows all the animals, recorded in their records.  This campaign against him has nothing to do with animal welfare, as he considers the animals his family, all, represent Egypt well nationally and internationally..  She, should not worry about the animal rights which he owns, she should better lay concern on human rights lost of the Palestinians and other citizens of countries which are not practicing their rights.


Lupa El Helw lion trainer , and daughter of Mohamed El Helw added:  what happens in smuggling of wildlife lions, tigers and others has got nothing to do with Helw Family because my father is Govs employee in the sector of art performance and theatre of Ministry of Culture, even though he is now on pension,  she, Lupa is now a govs. Employee just like her father, continuing his mission, .  There are other parties who do smuggle lions illegally, I myself reported this in various tourist rest houses and restaurants on the Cairo Alex desert road, Lupa added.  I even gave directions and specified those places who have lions and who rent lions to photographers and abuse them, which does harm Egypt reputation.  It seems that anybody who sees a lion thinks the lion belongs to Helw family as they are the pioneers in training lions


.  Campaign to stop using wild animals as photo props 

Why Should the use of wild animals as photographic props be banned?

Why individual wild animals shouldn't be exploited as photographic props?


One of many cases in hotels, restaurants, zoos and various

On 24/03/2009 compassionate travelers contacted us to inform and provide details about the exploitation they have seen, which spoiled their holiday.  A police report was filed (755) and as a result the lion cub was confiscated and delivered to Giza Zoo.  The medical examination by Dr. Refaat Abd Elhaseib revealed the intolerable suffering of the lion cub which died as result in less than a week.

The real price of souvenir photographs






The medical report:  Intolerable abuse

malnourished and close to death

all claws pulled out

front right forelimb broken

fracture spinal column

torsion trachea 

internal hemorrhage in chest and abdomen

Beware of the serious animal welfare implications or the risks to public health and safety. 

The risk to public safety

There have been numerous recorded incidents of direct contact activities with humans that have resulted in injury or even death

The transmission of diseases from animals to human

Direct animal/human contact should be avoided and where it does occur, it must be for limited periods of time, making sure welfare of the animal(s) is not jeopardized.  Any animal contact must be continuously supervised and tourists should be made aware of the risks.

A few of the most persistent human pathogens capable of infecting chimpanzees and other primates. Coxsackie virus, Herpes Simplex 1&2 ,  Orthomyxovirus, Parainfluenza (type 3)  Paramyxovirus, Poliovirus, Respiratory Syncitial virus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Sarcoptes scabies, Giardia lamblia

Source:  the Jane Goodall Institute

Many diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that direct contact with animals poses a significant risk of zoonotic disease transmission which may result in serious illness or even death.  The increasing trend for animal attractions to encourage more ‘hands on’ encounters with animals therefore presents a very real threat to public safety.  Despite this, many animal attractions are seemingly unaware of or fail to publicize the risks, and they do little to implement preventative measures to minimize disease transmission.

Results and conclusions are concise and relate back to objectives.

Request for action to end this animal abuse

Code of Practice for Animal Attractions in which the practice of using animals for photographic props is strongly discouraged on animal welfare grounds

All animal welfare societies and groups should encourage people to proved details about the exploitation seen.

Awareness campaigns of the serious animal welfare implications and the risks to public health and safety.


.  Comments and feedback about the campaign 

Please send comments to email:  dina_zulfikar@yahoo.com

April 5, 2010

AWAR yahoo group:

Aida Marina <sponsor@emaurescue.org>
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Dear Dina,

There is No God-damn reason for animals to be tortured this way.  I couldn't understand what I was seeing, as the position of the body of the little baby lion did not appear normal. 

I would have No Problem taking a gun an shooting any human male in the head that I saw with a baby animal, especially one in such painful condition.  This little baby was Literally Broken because the Bastards who had him did not know, nor care, about his welfare - only the Stinking Money that they made.  They only wanted to CONTROL him, so they broke his body.  I sure hope more tourists begin to complain and refuse to pay blood money to these Two-Legged Demons.

It's a good thing I don't live in Egypt because I would be spending more time in Egyptian jails than I would be spending outside of them - I would be unable to hold back beating up or shooting Bastards like these. 

The Monster who did this to this baby cub should be punished to the full extent of the law, but I don't believe he'll ever spend any time behind bars. My only hope is that when he dies, he'll go to that Very Special Place in Hell where Monsters like him belong.


April 3, 2010

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Dear Dina,
Thanks for highlighting some of the efforts taken to help the Giza zoo retain its lost reputation and help the animals get better practice and treatment. However, I have to tell you that I really don't share much of your optimism.
I try to visit the zoo frequently and look for critical changes, but truely it is always hard to find. I am not a scientist or a pro researcher but I got fair experience with zoo environments and practices and the Giza Zoo is really far from what they call abroad a 'poor' zoo.
I didn't lose total hope but I certainly believe the problem is not in funds, equipments, grants, etc. I believe the main problem is PEOPLE. Get all the right tools to vitalize and improve an institution to the wrong people and be sure that none will happen. In Egypt, the problem is in the required knowledge, dedication and career consciousness that are needed to do the job in the right way. As long as you employ same people and mentalities, I doubt major improvements will happen. Just to mention, the zoo system abroad (e.g. USA, Europe, etc.) puts strict conditions for zoo keepers. The idea of the zoo is to create a habitat for the CAPTURED animals that exactly imitates their original ones and thus doesn't affect the animal's psychological or physical health. Zoo visitors should know that they are visitors who must abide with the regulations that are created to maintain the rights of the owners, the animals.
Just to give you few facts I know about. Dr. Richard Hoath, a dedicated environmentalist, if you know him, who has tried to help the Giza Zoo frequent times but in vain. I believe he worked closely with Born Free Foundation in the UK, who also provided him with funds to change the status of the zoo facilities. For example, bigger and cleaner cages, more appropriate drinking utilities, etc. It is sorry to mention that their funds and efforts were lost wihout proved success. By the way, try to read the nature column of Dr. Hoath in Egypt Today issue of May 2009 (which is after the dates you mentioned in your email that things gone better in the zoo). He talks in sadness about the miserable condition of the zoo and the animals.
I really hope the efforts of you and your group would change something and convince the officials of long term goals for the zoo. I know lions breed like rabbits in the zoo and this is not right. Animal births in captivity should be closely monitored, recorded and well planned. I am fond of big cats, especially lions, always had and always will and it is really sad how these magnificent animals are treated in the Giza Zoo. I have recorded the status of the lions on my website for the first time in 2001 and honestly nothing much changed since then.
I wish you all the luck and it is a relief to know that people like you try to change such a sad situation of a place that certainly deserves much more.
Best Regards
Hany Amin

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Dear Hany


Thank you for your email and expressing concern about lions at Giza Zoo.


Giza Zoo:  Since 2007, Revitalizing the Giza Zoo Team, was formed of various societies and groups, not only animal welfare societies, but Gardens and Treasures Society, Vegetation Society, plus various groups and activists.  The call started through AWAR group.


This resulted in holding several meetings with officials including Zoo Management and staff, in addition to opening link with WAZA PAAZAB (World Association for Zoos and Aquaria PAAZAB (African Association for Zoos and Aquaria)) and PAAZAB (African Association for Zoos and Aquaria).


All responded to the call for revitalizing the Giza Zoo, and finally delegations from WAZA, PAAZAB and various Animal Welfare Societies including WSPA, all came to Egypt and met with officials and the team.  Another meeting was set with the Minister of Agriculture and plan started.


As of December 2008, the Giza Zoo was finally accepted as a member of PAAZAB.  Experts and delegations were sent from/to Egypt Central Zoos Management, long term and short term plans were set.


One of the major issues of concern was the big number of lions at Giza Zoo, and it was a must to address this issue.  Another meeting was set with the Ministry of Agriculture related to this issue mid March, attended by delegation of PAAZAB.  Plans have been set to reduce the number of Lions and to stop the breeding of Lions.


Back to using animals as photo props:

This report of the confiscated lion cub was filed at Wadi El Natroun, Cairo – Alex desert road.   The cub – as stated in the report – was delivered to Giza Zoo as it is considered the official rescue center.

The medical report was conducted by Dr. Refaat, and I would like to mention, that Giza Zoo supported our case by filing another report at the same Police Center of Wadi El Natroun based on the appalling health condition of the lion cub,


I assure you this practice does not happen in Giza Zoo.., declawing, beating, abuse, sedating.. etc.. however I know – as well as others- that some keepers tend to make money by allowing visitors to take souvenir photos with animals.  This is not approved by the management, however, if done, people must report to management and employee or keeper in charge would be punished.


We hold regular awareness campaigns at Giza Zoo, sessions focused on:  why people should not encourage such souvenir photos,  risk to public safety, the diseases transmitted form man to animal, animal to man..etc..  We must get the people involved.. make them aware of such practices.. make them more involved as such crimes involves demand of people for those photo sessions..

These practices exists at various restaurants, night clubs, rest houses and perhaps in many private facilities.. we urge people to take action, report to authorities. Stand against these practices aiming that one day these appalling conditions stop.


I would very much like to send you and to all video of the session held at Giza Zoo, the response of the public was great.


However, I see that these campaigns must be held regularly and I hope that people who care to mitigate the suffering act positively by supporting these campaigns and by writing to authorities and reporting if they see such practice.


We must keep the pressure on… by acting positive, AW societies cannot do this alone, this has to be done with the support of people who care.



Dina Zulfikar

Dina Zulfikar
AWAR group
http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/awar/

Powerless are precious.. Act. Don’t react. See a need, fix it first. Worry about the details later. If you wait until you are asked you have just missed a golden opportunity. They are fleeting and rare. None of us is as smart as all of us. Synergy means 2 plus 2 equals 5.There is nothing we can’t achieve if we don’t care who gets the credit for it.


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Hello Dina,

I can't describe to you how sick I felt after viewing the picture of this cub that has been literaly tortured for the sake of taking some dumb pictures. I have several hand on experiences with lions and I never saw a lion so devastated and miserable like the one in the picture.

This make me wonder about the status of the lions in the Giza Zoo. I quiet honestly believe that many of them are not far from reaching the same sad end of the cub in the picture.

Thanks for sharing the article.

Hany Amin

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 .  April 19, case:  Lion Cub in Ale

April 19 report about Lion cub in Alexandria (Balbaa restaurant)


At 11:49am I received missed call from Dr. Rania Khamiss,

I called her back immediately, she said she is now in the Police Unit of Moharam Bek Alexandria, to file a police report about a lion cub being held and displayed in Balbaa restaurant.  The commissioner of the police unit of Moharam Bek refused to file the report as he said she must be authorized by a concerned party, ie. Environment or else, she told him as an individual I like to report this, he said:  what harm did what you see (lion cub) cause to you?

She said according to environmental law for year 1994, clause 28 this is a wildlife and should not be displayed except in places authorized, this harms the tourism.

He said he cannot do so.

I told Dr. Rania to stay in her place in the police unit and wait for my call.

I called the telephone information, asked for the contact telephone number  commissioner of police unit of Moharam Bek, Alexandria.  034961666.  I called the number, and was transferred by the operator.

I asked the Police commissioner:  brigadier generalMohamed Hassan, why did he refuse to file the report.

He said:  I did not refuse.  I am not the concerned party.  You make your report at the environmental police unit

I told him: But we need  to provide evidence that this lion cub is here now before we call the environmental police .

He said:  I cannot do it, where would I put the lion cub

I said:  The Environmental police would be in charge of confiscation, but now we need to state in files that this lion cub is here.

He said:  you or the doctor are not representative of environment, what harm happened to you to complain

I said:  As citizens we know that environmental law does not allow this, plus as citizens, such acts of displaying wildlife in restaurants ruins the reputation of Egypt

He said:  You have no right, I can see no damage done to you.

I said:  Have you heard about the case filed in Wadi El Natroun, I filed it

He said :  I did, this is why I say this report has to be done at environmental police unit

I said:  We will do so, but until we do we want to have evidence, they may hide the lion cub by the time the environmental police heads to the restaurant.

He said:  I understand but please understand that if I make file I have to have the lion cub arrested.. I can't have the lion cub here.

I told him:  Can I make contacts with Wildlife manager Dr. Ragi Thoma and make him talk to you to just make a file that there is a lion cub here, then we would proceed and talk immediately to the environmental police unit to confiscate.

He said :  yes


I telephoned Dr. Ragi, who as Christian had the day off, Christians are celebrating Eastern.  I fascilitated him for the feast and then I told him I had to bother him because we need his help.  I told him the story and gave him the telephone number of the Police Commissioner Mohamed Hassan.

After 5 minutes I called Dr. Ragi, he said he is after him, the line is busy.

I kept trying, the operator answered I talked to the commissioner and asked him for his mobile number as Dr. Ragi Thoma requests talking to him but line is busy.

He gave me his mobile contact:  0105652062

I dictated the number to Dr. Ragi.

After 5 minutes Dr. Ragi talked back to me.  He said, he explained to the commissioner that the restaurant is violating laws by keeping in a lion cub, at the same time he understands that the police unit cannot make confiscation.  He asked the commissioner to state the situation as it is, meaning , a record of the state:  there is a lion cub now displayed at Balbaa restaurant.  The commissioner agreed.

Dr. Rania is now making the complaint.  Once done, I will talk to environmental police to take action.

Finally made at 1:14pm:  record 46 ahwal Moharam Bek, 19/4/2009

BRAVO RANIA, BRAVO for acting right, persistence and insistence.



All the cases filed should have been escalated in courts, however we failed escalating the first report after the Giza Zoo Management provided pathology report, because we did not find any law office in Egypt to file the case, even though Born Free Foundation offered covering the expenses of a law suit.

What can be done:

Urging all to take positive action, reporting to officials and filing police reports, all data  of officials, contacts, emails, telephones are uploaded, pls refer to link provided. we need to keep the pressure on.