Overview:  We realize we should not detract from pressuring the government to take responsibility - not to 'enable' the government to avoid its responsibilities.

Aims:  The ultimate aim should always be to avoid animal suffering and killing through effective preventative programmes.

We have to move from status quo to tackling the root and finding sustainable solutions through effective preventative programmes. 

Action:  Awareness and campaigning is our goal and mission in parallel to finding sustainable solutions through establishing Middle East Network Declaration with Governmental Insitutes, to regulate remarkable improvement of wildlife welfare in the Middle East. 



Recent Updates:

03 July 2016 - Karima died - Asian Indian Ele of Giza Zoo

00 xxxxx 2016 - Bobo died - Chimpanzee Giza Zoo

29 September 2015 - CHIMPS in Giza - Alexandria Zoo - Integration - Treatment - Groups - Deaths - Current

23 October 2014  Lions Village Resort Circus Restaurant Permits

25 March 2014  Wildlife Day Event held in Egypt

25 March 2014 Updated Campaign against using wild animals as photo props, campaigns continues

14 June 2013 Hilda Tresz, Mentor of Jane Goodall Institute back to Giza Zoo for following up Oct., Nov, 2011 progress

03 May, 2013  Enrichment programs for captive animals in zoos

21 Feb. 2013  Animals in Entertainment

14 Feb. 2013  Rescue Success Story of MASRYA (International)

31 Dec 2012 Prime Minister decree 1095 year 2011, Legislations

24 Aug. 2012  Plea to help our ageing elephants in Giza Zoo

20 Jul. 2012  Campaigns against the seven governmental zoos of Egypt including Giza Zoo, managed by Central Zoos Director

20 Jun. 2012  Cases Reported

1st Feb. 2012 Illegal Ivory Trade In Egypt

31 Dec. 2011 - Dolphin Calf of Magic Land Saved and moved to Dolphinella Sharm El Sheikh

09 Nov. 2011 - Follow up group 2 - Chimps integration - sign explaining Mouza's condition to the public

03 Nov. 2011:  Case filed - Sharm El Sheikh - lion cub and cobra confiscated

04 Oct. 2011 -  No more chimps in solitary confinement in Governmental Zoos of Egypt - Chimps Integration

08 Aug. 2011 - What to do in case a snake enters your compound

08 Aug. 2011 - Savring the Leopard - Al Jazeera English

16 July 2011- Cites Wildlfie Conservation and EEAA follow up with Lions Village


The aim and purpose of publishing this website is to gather as much as possible all documents and files which are relevant to the wild animals protection to be available for the use of all, easy search and easy reference.

the site data gathered information is always based on references from sources .

working team contributers :

Dina Zulfikar 

email:  dinazulficar@yahoo.com

Irene Nashed

We invite in more ANIMAL PEOPLE who wish to contribute by providing verified information as a guidance and reference which would help all to lead and play a vital role in the protection of wild animals.