.  Visited Moataz at Dolphinaria Sharm El Sheikh, May 2014 ----  I would like to note that there was no option for Moataz to be transfered anywhere but to a dolphinarium existing in Egypt - no way to release to the wild as it was captive breed, no way to transfer him else where in the world cause this would have endangered his life, when rescued he was under one year old,  an orphan.  I must admit that Dolphinaria Sharm made all necessary amendments for the safety of Moataz.



The above pictures were taken on the 21st of November 2011 during the committee ordered by Chairperson of GOVS for inspection at Magic Land, Egyptian Media Production City, 6th of October.  Cairo, Egypt.

30 December 2011 - Dolphin calf of Magic Land saved, transported from EMPC, Magic Land, Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh Dolphinella.
15 November 2011 – SOS was made to Chairperson of GOVS (The General Organization of Veterinary Services), EEAA – Marine Mammals (Dr. Luay El Sayed – Wildlife Manger) – immediately GOVS Chairperson ordered a committee to check the situation, committee was formed of:  Dr. Luay El Sayed (EEAA), Dr. Taher Eissa (EEAA), Dr. George (GOVS quarantine unit)), and Dina Zulfikar (Animal Protection Advocate representing civil society) – committee went to inspect the location the 21st of November – the current Magic Land Dolphinarium, of which Landmark company has rented, is non complying with regulations or standards , the dolphin calf cannot be kept there and should not be left alone in Magic Land specially after the death of parent dolphins.  EMPC Chairperson Eng. Sami Mohamed Badawi showed understanding to the situation and legal procedures took place, as the contract of Landmark and EMPC is currently under arbitration internationally..
Sending the dolphin calf to Dolphinella at Sharm El Sheikh was the only acceptable risk for the young dolphin as the dolphin exhibit at Magic Land is closed due to arbitration..
Sending the calf to Dolphinella at Sharm el Sheikh was a better choice than leaving the young dolphin alone at Magic Land, simply because; 
.  there are other dolphins at Dolphinella
.  they will take care in introducing the young dolphin to this established older group
Magic Land should not be allowed to have more dolphins if it is not in compliance with regulations or standards and won't provide information on why the two dolphins died

I would like to thank all those involved in saving the life of this dolphin calf; what was done was the best under the current circumstances in my opinion.  I would like to thank:  GOVS Chairperson Military General and Doctor Osama Selim, EEAA Marine Mammals, Dr. Mustafa Foda, Dr. Luay El Sayed (Manager of Wildlife), EEAA Dr. Taher Eissa, GOVS quarantine Dr. George Michelle, Dr. Ragi Toma, GM Wildlife GOVS and Dr. Fatma Tammam, Central Zoos Director and Widllife Conservation Director.   I have to highlight Dr. Luay El Sayed handled the negotiations with EMPC very effectively, it was not at all easy specially that arbitration about magic land was still taking place.  I would also like to thank Marine Biologists  all Animal Advocates who supported the case nationally.
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