MOUZA DIED Mouza died March 3, 2015.


February 11

CITES Egypt Authorities - Dr. Fatma Tammam, Dr. Ragy Toma - the baby Chimp which was confiscated at Cairo International Airport Monday 9 Feb. 2015 and delivered to Giza Zoo - I tried to call to verify information, but, as usual , no response, thus, I am writing to you in public - my information: no police report with serial number was made, the Kuwaiti person departing with the baby chimpanzee hidden in his bag, was allowed to leave without filing report against... him and a memorandum was made by wildife authority of Cairo Airport and Vet Quaratine was made to deliver the confiscated baby chimp to Giza Zoo. My information, no DNA was made up till now, nor interrogation was made to know the source of the chimp, if from illegal breeding centers in Egypt or legal breeding centers without notifying authorities. As a civil society representative I inquire if this is the case why why interrogation did not take place with the Kuwaiti passenger, why law and international convention was not applied, I also inquire why DNA test was not ordered, why also did the case of vioalation of laws and interantional conventions did not take normal procedures in compliance to CITES Egypt statement in COP 2009? I also ask for updates about the condition and care given for the baby chimp as all are keen to follow the progress of the poor baby chimp being smuggled ? If this is not the case and all correct procedures in compliance to laws and international conventions was made, please clarify ? ignoring answering, will just cause problems derived from lack of cooperation with Civil Society. Tansparency should be the policy of All Egyptian Governmental Entities according to law and constitution, thus you are kindly asked in public to provide statement about the confiscation and procedures taken. We care to follow, so does all the world.

MESHMESH DIED (of Alexandria) died July, 5, 2013 at Giza Zoo

MESHMESH died July, 5, 2013 in Giza Zoo

FOLLOW UP - 14-21 June 2013 Chimps and Elephants

Jane Goodall Institute and Disney Conservation sends once again mentor Hilda Tresz, International Behavior Specialist to Egypt Central Zoos - Giza Zoo - to follow up progress of Chimps and Elephants. The General Organization of Veterinary Services of Egypt headed by Military General and Doctor Osama Selim, once again welcomes cooperation with the Jane Goodall Institute, through mentor Hilda Tresz (Phoenix Zoo) International Behavior Specialist.

Hilda Tresz, mentor of Jane Goodall Institute received in the airport by Dina Zulfikar 14 June 2013, Welcome Hilda and thank you.  Hilda Tresz, mentor of JGI with Dr. Fatma Tammam Central Zoos Director  

.  Meshmesh - surgical operation by human dentist together with zoo vets. Senior Vet Dr. Maha Saber, Dr. Mhmd Taher Mekhled (in charge of chimps unit), and Dr. Medhat Ghorab.  Hilda Tresz attending all.  Picture source:  Ahram newspaper, Mr. Ayman Mobarez. 

 Mouza/Moza - as published by Giza Zoological Garden official website and facebook group: complete check up for Mouza/Moza at the Military Veterinary hospital عمل فحص طبي شامل ل"موزة الشمبانزي" فىالمستشفي العسكري الطبي

 Progress and Cooperation:

What was published officially by Central Zoos and in the press:

.  Surgical operation for Meshmesh by human dentist with help of veterinarians in Giza Zoo today - in the picture Wahid keeper, Hilda Tresz mentor of Jane Goodall Institute, vet Dr. Medhat , Mohamed Keeper and Dr. Mhmd Taher Mekhled, and Dr. Maha Saber Senior vet 18 June 2013, in the picture Hilda Tresz, mentor of JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE with keepers http://gate.ahram.org.eg/News/361093.aspx

.  complete check up for Mouza/Moza at the Military Veterinary hospital عمل فحص طبي شامل ل"موزة الشمبانزي" فىالمستشفي العسكري الطبي


.  Added by Dina Zulfikar, member of supervising committee of Central Zoos under direct supervision of Chairperson of GOVS ; some back ground about Mouza's case:  Mouza was delivered to Giza Zoo April 2010, as the Giza Zoo acts as recognized rescue center of Egypt, she  

had benign tumor,she 

was operated on August 2010 by Dr.-Ibrahim Mohamed - Cairo Vet Faculty 2010, with zoo vets, after a while small tumor appeared under the neck and further investigations were required.

التاريخ عن حالة موزة: موزة تم نقليها الي حديقة حيوان الجيزة فى 10 ابريل 2010 لأن الحديقة تعمل كمركز انقاذ رسمي لجمهورية مصر العربية - تم عمل فحوصات و تبين اصابتها بورم حميد... اجري دكتور أبراهيم محمد - كلية طب بيطري القاهرة - جراحة ناجحة لها فى أعسطس 2010 بالاشتراك مع أطباء الحديقة - ثم ظهر بعض الورم حول الرقبة و تم استشارة اساتذة في الأورام و أخيرا كانت هناك توصيات باجراء جراحة لها و كان من المهم جدا اجراء مزيد من الفحوصات.

Death of Oscar + Fatouta in Alexandria Zoo:

FATOUTA died Jan. 2012, OSCAR died September 2012 (originally transferred from Giza Zoo 19 May 2010 to vacant space for the Orangutans)

Chimps Integration 

Successful Campaign Resulting in :  No More Chimps in Solitary Confinement in Egyptian Governmental Zoos , Better Conditions for the Elephants.  17 September - 4 October 2011 - Integration of Chimps by:  Hilda Tresz, Mandate of Jane Goodall Institute and Phoenix Zoo, Arizona..  Special thanks and appreciation to Daniella De Dunno, President of Jane Goodall Institute Onlus Italy, for following, helping and facilitating mission.

Pictures of Hilda Tresz, Mandate of Jane Goodall Institute and Phoenix Zoo, Arizona, first working day to integrate the chimps.  Pictures taken at headquarters of Central Zoos, Giza Zoo, 2 pictures taken at African Safari Park (private facility). 


Group 1 integration in Giza Zoo 

Group 2 integration in Giza Zoo 

Group 3 integration in Alex Zoo 

Presentations about Basic Husbandry and Behaviour Enrichment, by Hilda Tresz were held at:  a.  Giza Zoo, b.  Cultural Center Opera House, and c.  Alexandria Zoo.

 Basic husbandry and behavioral enrichment – power point presentations (all will be uploaded shortly, english and arabic text)

1.      Contra freeloading (teaching animals how to work for their food as opposed to being bored and inactive all day)
2.      Substrate use (addressing the importance of having materials covering the bare, unyielding surface of cages) both for the sake of the animals as well as for the visitors by creating exhibits that pleasing to the human eye
3.      Browse (the benefit of providing plant materials and how to cultivate them even in desert climate such as in Phoenix).
4.      The elephant presentation addresses some new ways of creating healthy environments and better care of elephants

 All presentations were translated to arabic by team of volunteers and Animal Advocates who believe in awareness, credit goes to: Professor Dr. Kohar Garo, Doctor Yasser Adel Hanafi Osman, students of Professor Dr. Kohar Garo; Jihad Kamal and Ahmed Osman, Mark Magdy, Vet Faculty, and Dina Zulfikar. Dr. Yasser Adel Hanafi Osman, was responsible for all presentations, and was in charge of the  timing, translation, data show, ..etc.. at the Cairo Opera House.

b.  Cultuaral Center, Opera House

pictures before, during and after the presentations held on the 26th and 27th of September 2011.

data and pictures about presentations on the 26th of September, 2011 



NO MORE CHIMPS IN SOLITARY CONFIEMENT IN GOVERNMENTAL ZOOS OF EGYPT, thank you to Chairperson of GOVS, Military General Osama Selim,  Central Zoos Director Dr. Fatma Tammam, , and Alexandria Zoo Director Dr. Eiman,  pls. send email to thank them and encourage them :  attention of Dr. Fatma Tammam zoogiza@hotmail.com  HUGE THANK YOU TO HILDA TRESZ, Mandate of JGI and Phoenix Zoo Arizona, HUGE THANK YOU TO DANIELLA DE DUNNOR, President of JGI Onlus Italy, for following up and facilitating mission, HUGE THANK YOU TO PHONIX ZOO Director and sponsors, HUGE THANK YOU TO Jane Good Institute for making this happen.  HUGE THANK YOU TO ANIMAL PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS WHO SUPPORTED THE CAUSE.

Jane Goodall Institute and Phoenix Zoo Arizona , mandate Hilda Tresz, the
behavior specialist arrived to Cairo on the 16th according to pre set
arrangements with General Organization of Veterinary Services and Central Zoos,
which was coordinated by civil society, which I had the honor to represent according to the ministerial decree #804 year 2011.
Presentations and workshops subject: Basic Husbandry and behavioral enrichment
was held at the Cairo Opera House, Cultural Center on the 26th and 27th of
September, from 6-8pm, and held in Alex Zoo from 28 September to October 4th.. see the substrates, bedding of the chimps, they are now enjoying..
Huge thank you to sincere AWAR members who supported the cause and to ALL ANIMAL PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS in Egypt and outside Egypt who supported the cause.. yes, we have waited long, but have always kept the pressure on, and, finally here we are.

Huge thank you to Chairperson of General Organization of Veterinary Services
Military General and Doctor Osama Selim, for making this happen.

Huge thank you to Director of Central Zoos, Dr. Fatma Tammam, huge thank you to Dr. Eiman, Director of Alex Zoo and the management
and staff of Central Zoos for making this happen and for cooperating with Jane
Goodall Institute and Phoenix Zoo Mandate Hilda Tresz.


Good news is:
No more chimps in solitary confinement
.  for the first time the 3 baby chimps Misho, Bobo, Loza were introduced to adult chimps Ingi and Prince, and now we have mother, father and children.
.  Kuku the chimp which was sent to solitary confinement to Fayoum May 2010 to vacant space for the Orangutans is back to Giza Zoo to be grouped with Mouza, the tumor chimp who was also held in solitary confinement since March 2010.
.  Oscar and Fatouta which were sent to Alex Zoo, are now  grouped with the single chimp in Alex zoo Meshmesh, forming a bachelor group.  This took place from 28 Sept to 4th of October 2011
.  A sign would be made outside the enclosure of Kuku and Mouza stating the meaning of:  chimps are just like humans, this chimp Mouza had benign tumor and is being treated, she should see the light and be displayed and have a mate, a chimp, as chimps live in groups.
.  The Elephants:  it was agreed to implement the following:  bringing one meter sand in all elephant enclosures, walking them, taking them to bath in the lake, food hang up in a puzzle way and not in the floors and from keeper to the elephants trunk!  Many substrates!!!!

Families and groups are made successfully thanks to Hilda Tresz and Zoo
Management and Staff.
Complete recommendations were agreed on for the elephants at Central Zoos.
Orangutans enclosure will be completely finished within 3 days from today.

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