Group 1 integration

Group 2 integration

Groujp 3 integration 

 June 20, 2013 - Mouza's cancer is spreading, she was examined at Army Vet Hospital.  ALL PLEASE MAKE SURE MOUZA GETS ALL WHAT SHE WANTS IN HER LAST DAYS, SHE DESERVES ALL, SHE IS OUR BABY AND DARLING, WE HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING HER SINCE SHE ARRIVED TO GIZA ZOO RESCUE CENTER APRIL 2010, PLEASE, UPDATES, PICTURES, LOVE, CARE, SUBSTRATES, ENRICHMENT, ALL Request, plea from ALL, Mouza's tumor is spreading, she is suffering, decision would be taken by experts (national and international chimp experts), currently, in her last days, she needs love and affection, please give her love, as many items for enrichment, make sure she has access to outside exhibit, numbers of remaining days in her life are few....رجاء ... موزة الشمبانزي فى حالة حرجة... الورم منتشر و يحسم القضية الأخصائيين.... مطلوب ان تنعم فى أخر أيامها بالحب و يكون هناك دائما وسائل معيشية لرفع الحالة المعنوية .. أيضا مطلوب و رجاء أن يسمح لها دائما في أخر أيامها بالاستمتاع بالمبيت الخارجي وقتما تحب.... نحن نحبها و نتألم 

رجاء التقاط ضور حديثة لها كلما أمكن... please take recent photos of Mouza whenever you can and share. We love her, we will miss her so.
background history of Mouza's case; also you can refer to history in REVITALIZE THE GIZA ZOO GROUP : Added by Dina Zulfikar, member of supervising committee of Central Zoos under direct supervision of Chairperson of GOVS ; some back ground about Mouza's case: Mouza was delivered to Giza Zoo April 2010, as the Giza Zoo acts as recognized rescue center of Egypt, she 
had benign tumor,she 
was operated on August 2010 by Dr.-Ibrahim Mohamed - Cairo Vet Faculty 2010, with zoo vets, after a while small tumor appeared under the neck and further investigations were required.
التاريخ عن حالة موزة: موزة تم نقليها الي حديقة حيوان الجيزة فى 10 ابريل 2010 لأن الحديقة تعمل كمركز انقاذ رسمي لجمهورية مصر العربية - تم عمل فحوصات و تبين اصابتها بورم حميد... اجري دكتور أبراهيم محمد - كلية طب بيطري القاهرة - جراحة ناجحة لها فى أعسطس 2010 بالاشتراك مع أطباء الحديقة - ثم ظهر بعض الورم حول الرقبة و تم استشارة اساتذة في الأورام و أخيرا كانت هناك توصيات باجراء جراحة لها و كان من المهم جدا اجراء مزيد من الفحوصات.

History about Mouza and Kuku:

Mouza was delivered to Giza Zoo, the recognized rescue center April 2010 because there was no hope in treating her.  She was locked in solitary confinement for a time.  August 2010 she had surgery and part of tumor was removed.  Nov. 2011 she was moved to chimps enclosure with room mate Kuku.  Hilda Tresz, mentor of Jane Goodall Institute made the introduction.  June 2013, another medical check was made, cancer is spreading, she would soon leave.

Kuku:  was born in Giza Zoo.  May 19, 2010, the Giza Zoo had to vacant the chimps enclosure to make room for the orangutans which were given as present from Al Ain Zoo.  After campaigning, Kuku was returned from Fayoum Zoo to Giza Zoo and grouped with Mouza Nov. 2011.  A new enclosure was built for the orangutans.


 some pictures of Mouza 2010, the state she was in:  June, July, August 2010


Group 2 integration in Giza Zoo

No more chimps in solitary confinement in Egyptian Governmental Zoos.

Very special case, of Mouza and Kuku, Mouza/Moza the tumor chimp proved to be benign after long solitary confinement is finally enjoying outside exhibit and also company of Kuku, who was also sent to Fayoum zoo in solitary confinement since May 2010.  Now, they are together enjoying.. Mouza/Moza should not suffer because she has tumors (her sickness is not contagious, and simply, this is not the fault of Giza Zoo, as the Giza Zoo acts as the recognized rescue center of Egypt.  It was decided that Mouza/Moza deserves some happiness. 

Pictures of Group 2 

At first, Kuku was brought back from Fayoum Zoo to Giza Zoo, these are the first pictures taken of Kuku, the first morning upon his return to Giza Zoo, to start integration process with Mouza/Moza 

History:  Pictures here under illustrates how Mouza was held since she arrived April 2010,  

History:  the pictures here under illustrates how Mouza was kept August 2010, followed by Protest held 24 August 2010, in which Heidi Morrison, Ulrike, and Dina Zulfikar shared, with much national and international pressure. 

 .  History, end of August 29, 2010 Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed of Vet Faculty of Cairo conducted surgery to Mouza and tumor was removed.

 .  History; Jane Goodall Institute sent mentor Hilda Tresz to Egypt Zoos October and November 2011 to group in the chimps, finally Mouza was moved to the chimps enclosure and Kuku was brought back from Fayoum Zoo solitary confinement and they made great group.






 Mouza/Mouza was moved through a mobilized cage from where she was in solitary confinement and isolated in a cage at the monkeys enclosure to the chimps enclosure, the cage in which she and Kuku would be integrated.  See the pictures hereunder of both Kuku and Mouza/Moza after integration in the outside exhibit...

In follow up to the successful grouping of the chimps in all governmental zoos, group 2, of which Mouza the tumour chimp was finally allowed -after long solitary confinement and isolation- to enjoy outside exhibit in the chimps enclosure, not only this but with a smart handsome "Kuku" who was also held in solitary confinement in Fayoum Zoo.
A sign explaining Mouza's case was hanged since 6th of November as seen in the pictures attached. Pictures taken today 9th November at Giza Zoo.

in follow up as of 6 Nov. 2011, a sign explaining Mouza's condition to the public
sign on Mouza's enclosure explaining her condition