First Meeting:  26 July, 2012

First Meeting with the General Organization of Veterinary Services 26 July, 2012, in response to the campaigns led against the seven governmental zoos after the two world wide petitions started.


 MEETING WITH GOVS 26 JULY 2012 - Cairo - Egypt - Shorouk Genena, Hana El-Safoury, Dr. Yasser El-Safury, Khaled Elbarky went to the meeting scheduled with Military General and Doctor Osama Selim, Chairperson of the General Organization of Veterinary Services (supervising Central Zoos). The meeting lasted for over 2 hours from 12:30 to 3:00, (we had continued with designated appointed Dr. Alaa - tec

hnical office to follow with us. Not much to say though... I would wait for better report from attendances than mine. What I can say is: order has been given to maintain cooling system of bears, direct orders to technicians of GOVS, awareness campaigns would be encouraged, by Hana El-Safoury, Khaled Elbarky Shorouk Genena and ALL, will assist and send all material used by REVITALIZE THE GIZA ZOO group for years, and publish for use of all, and amendments if needed, may also assist with team in making another model example to be followed if wished in all governmental zoos,. Photo sessions (we were told no one listens!!!), Kafr El Sheikh lions - had to await Communication between Dr. Alaa Morsy and manager of Kafr El Sheikh zoo Dr. Adel El Sayed, (got updates whilst typing here now) regarding the 3 lions and the Babar Tiger (Indian) follow up will be made by Khaled Elbarky and all, Hippos of Kafr El Sheikh, same, wolves of Fayoum - (Dr. Alaa Morsy- we should follow up with him). Friday and Saturday are days off for GOVS.

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Dina Zulfikar Update: Dr. Alaa Morsy - technical office GOVS - said he talked to Dr. Adel El Sayed, Manager of Kafr El Sheikh zoo, about the 3 lions, he was told none is injured now, about the Babar Tiger, he was told she is old 25 years old, normal age Babar Tiger is 17 years. The manager of Kafr El Sheikh zoo said they put her in the outside exhibit sometimes to enjoy the sun, however she is suffering from old age symptoms, and that Egyptian Government does not allow euthanasia. A visit by committee should be made any time (this committee of ours with Dr. Alaa), Khaled Elbarky would also be allowed to visit and inspect anytime the conditions. Did not talk yet about the hippos, but, I assume another visit from Khaled Elbarky who lives there now, would do.