PROTEST Sunday 3rd July, 11 am, in front of GENERAL ORGANIZATION OF VETERINARY SERVICES, Dokki, to demand investigation and interrogation - and in general enforcement of national legislations law 9 year 1994 amended by law 9 year 2009 protest has been called by young animal activists in Egypt Ibrahim Shamel, Donia Nasser, Rasha El - Ezaby  & many great young generation . GOVS located i "Nadi El Seid street, Dokki)

History:   June 2, 2011 Egyptian Sayed Essawy explains why he wants to fight a lion and how he plans to kill it with his bare hands.  Essawi plans to make this show at the Pyramids area claiming this would promote tourism in Egypt.  Essawi tries to get permits from officials, all denied.  All active Animal People contacted the Managerial Authority of Cites Widllife Conservation Egypt, and they were alerted.  Essawi continues to make press releases that he would make the show on the 25th of June.  Essawi was detained and interrogated, but soon released as their was no lion in his possesion.  Authorities kept saying :  All is under control, this show will not be held.  On the 25th, press gathered at Essawi's place, after 2 hours all followed Essawi by cars to unknown location for holding this show!!  The show was held in Gamasa, 2 hrs from Mansoura City in a vegetation area.  The police unit of Mansoura who were alerted by Environmental Police said they stopped the show, and Essawi did not kill the lion.  The normal proceedure was to detain Essawi and confiscate the lion, but , this did not happen!.

Personal opinion:  the media encouraged such crime, the media is as much condemned.

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