.  November 3rd, 2011 case:  Lion Cub and Cobra - Sharm El Sheikh

 November 3, 2011
Sharm El Sheikh –
Group coordinators of Sharm Animal Lovers; Julie and Ahmed Azmy received a call from xx at 9:00pm who was in Neima Bay, stating that a lion cub in company of a photographer , probably sedated had been used up and down Neima Bay  as a photo prop. 
Contact was made with AWAR group coordinator Dina Zulfikar in Cairo who immediately reported through phone call to the headquarters of the Environmental Police..
At 10:30pm the cub + a cobra were confiscated by the police in Sharm El Sheikh.
The cub and cobra were delivered temporary to the EEAA office in Sharm El Sheikh,
 until police report is finished, as a routine procedure before transferring the confiscated animals to Giza Zoo, which is considered the recognized rescue center of Egypt.
Coordination between animal welfare groups coordinators and advocates in Cairo and Sharm took place, and Michelle Guy of Sharm Animal Welfare Group immediately followed up the conditions of animals after getting permission from Central Offices in Cairo.  In parallel, in Cairo, Dina Zulfikar of AWAR group would be awaiting to follow up once the cub and cobra are delivered to Giza Zoo.

Thank you to Environmental Police . Brigadier General Adham
Thank you to the Animal People who took positive action to report and follow.

 Michelle Guy,- Animal Advocate and coordinator of Sharm Animal Welfare group, followed the case, she rought blankets for the cub and followed with EEAA officers the welfare of both animals the cub and the cobra