Second Meeting:  31 July, 2012

 Second meeting with GOVS, in response to the campaigns:

This is my personal documenting, sure, attendances would have their reports about the meeting published too.

Overall meeting with Dr. Alaa Morsy, 31 July 2012 – Cairo Opera House – Hanager coffee shop

Meeting was attended by: 

Khaled Elbarky

Hatem Moushir

Dr. Yasser Adel Hanafy Osman

Nardine Botros

Dina Zulfikar

The meeting started 9:00pm lasted till 12:00

Proposals were submitted by each:

Nardine Botros, students of grade 11, submitted proposal for :

Bears enrichment (foraging) as illustrated by professional bears behavior and specialists, this proposal was submitted May 2012, but, they reached nothing, so proposal was submitted again yesterday to GOVS.

Discussion was made about the refusal of Central Zoos Management to the project submitted by Hana El-Safoury and Nardine Botros to clean the Giza Zoo, the Central Zoos claimed they have employees for this and recommended they go to Tanta Zoo, about 2 hrs from Cairo..

All attendances condemn such decision by Central Zoos and supported the projects submitted by Nardine and Hana.

Khaled Elbarky; submitted overall proposals about dealing with problems in Kafr El Sheikh, Fayoum, Alex and Giza Zoo. Most of the issues, in Khaled's words are related to behavior and training of keepers. No iron rod should be used with big cats, cleaning is an important issue, mice problems in the big cats enclosure, inquiry about the Hippos enclosure is still unanswered in Kafr El Sheikh Zoo, monkey held in solitary confinement in a small improper cage….. should be delt with.

Hatem Moushir.; spoke about the unlikely suspicious procedures of management of Central Zoos, the questions and many unlikely things which happened during his visit, accusations about why is he taking photos of plants… flora…etc… then he spoke and explained the conditions of some animals in Giza Zoo, he presented his video as evidence, which shows the positive and not positive side.

Dr. Yasser Adel Hanafy Osman; mentioned that we must reach a middle way, cooperation of Civil Society should be welcomed, awareness and more, he offered the help of specialists form Desert Research Center in evaluating and treating the camels suffering in Alex Zoo.

Dina Zulfikar, submitted also additional requests: no more exotic animals used as photo props, because of zoonotic disease and animals suffering, no more purchase of new animals before fixing the problems of current enclosures in all 7 zoos, adoption program submitted by Shelley Mattocks, awareness and training of keepers should be encouraged, a mechanism should be set for exchanging information and inquiries about conditions in all central zoos, enclosures floors, substrates as per direction of WAZA, PAAZAB should be applied in all zoos. Setting committee formed of civil society and central zoos to reform and cooperate.

Dr. Alaa Morsy mentioned that Central Zoos answered the GOVS about each picture submitted by our campaigns, we (all attendances) asked for making this public.

Dr. Alaa Morsy promised to submit all proposals to GOVS, and to arrange another meeting soon, to follow up.

All attendances made this clear: it is refused to be accused of ruining the reputation of Egypt for publishing such reports about deplorable conditions, we care for improving conditions of captive animals, as we get no answers, we are supported by international campaigns. The world has no boundaries, animal people animal rights people of the world unite in facing any abuse in all over the world.